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Natural Stone Jewelry

Natural Stone JewelryGitanjali is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of Natural Stone Jewelry in Mumbai, India. We export our Natural Stone Jewelry to jewelry merchants in California, America.

We sell fashionable natural stone jewelry at cheap and wholesale price. You can buy beautiful natural stone jewelry for men and women from our online shop.

Natural Stone Earrings

Our Company is engaged in the manufacturing of natural stone earrings. Our team of quality experts checks the quality of this product in all its stages of production, right from the procurement of raw material to the end product stage. This ensures that our earrings are not only outstanding in its designs, but also high in quality. Our company manufactures beautiful designs of natural stone jewelry. These stylish natural stone jewelries are then sold at wholesale and cheap price.

Stone Jewelry  Natural Stone Jewelry

Available with us is a natural multi colored stones and diamond pendant that is crafted using hi-tech equipment by our team of skilled craftsmen. This pendant is manufactured using white gold and is embellished with precious gems like diamonds and other multicolored stones. Being unisex, these pendants are popular for gifting purposes on various occasions, especially on anniversaries. This is a perfect wholesale website to buy fashionable and stylish natural stone jewelry at wholesale and cheap price.

Making your own natural stone jewelry is fun to do yourself and it makes a great group or family project. The supplies for this craft are lightweight, easy to clean up and easily transported from place to place. You do not need a lot of room to work and you can definitely do it in your spare time. Anytime you find you have a few free minutes you can pull it out and create an assortment of handmade jewelry that can include necklaces, anklets, bracelets and earrings. You can buy natural stone jewelry at discounted prices at our online shop.

 Natural Stone Jewelry  Natural Stone Jewelry

Make original colorful natural stone jewelry or beaded works of art that will compliment your outfits or to give as a thoughtful gift. The size of bead is a matter of taste and design. Small plastic beads come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. These are usually sold in quantities. Beads can be found at your local dollar store. You can buy a bag of 25, 250 or more and they are separated by color and size or sold in packs of assorted. We are one of the best designers of natural stone jewelry selling them at wholesale and cheap price.

Natural stones are also a good choice for your handmade jewelry but they might require a little more work and supplies. There are stones available in the same assortments and places that plastic beads are sold but the stone is also sold in slabs that the jewelry maker will slice, grind and polish for their finished pieces. Although beads or stones are not necessary for making beautiful handmade jewelry, they do add a personal and colorful touch. The piece can match a favorite outfit, be a favorite color or make a bold statement simply by adding beads or stones. We sell highest quality natural stone jewelry online at wholesale and discount price.

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